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Housing and Food Insecurity
Addressing students' basic needs.

Stable housing arrangements and steady meals are essential for everyone. College students cannot be expected to succeed academically until their basic needs are met. That's why CSUB is committed to reducing all barriers students face in their path to obtaining a degree. 

The university helps students secure shelter if they are facing a housing crisis. Emergency housing is available to students for up to 30 days, and CSUB also helps students establish long-term housing arrangements.

The university is also committed to fighting food insecurity. Previous studies have shown that about 40% of college students are food insecure — meaning they don't know where their next meal will come from. That's why CSUB offers an on-campus Food Pantry, monthly food distributions, and fresh produce from its Edible Garden. 

By supporting students' basic needs, you support their academic and personal success.

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