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2022 Giving Day
`Runners on the rise!

Thank you for supporting CSUB's third annual Giving Day on Thursday, October 6, 2022! 

Each October, alumni, employees, parents and friends of the university come together to make a difference in students' lives. 

CSUB is the only four-year public institution within nearly 100 miles. The majority of students who attend CSUB stay in the region after graduation, making a positive impact in our community.

Through your Giving Day donation, you have transformed the lives of students and elevated our community. Thank you, `Runners!


The Social Justice Challenge
We appreciate your generosity in supporting a fund of your choice to unlock the challenge gift for Social Justice. Thank you!
150 / 150 Donors
The `Runner Pride Challenge
Thank you for your generous gift to support our students!
50 / 50 Donors
The CSUB Alumni Challenge
Thank you for making a thoughtful Gift to support CSUB! With your generosity, the CSUB Alumni Challenge has been unlocked which will support several key programs at CSUB.
52 / 52 Donors
The Battle of the Schools Challenge
Thank you for your generosity in supporting an academic school of your choice. Your gift will support our students in a meaningful way!
Rank Prize Schools Donors
1 $2,500 Arts and Humanities 83
2 Social Sciences and Education 41
3 Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering 21
4 Business and Public Administration 15
Rank State Gifts
1 CA 389
2 WA 5
3 AZ 3
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