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2024 Raising for `Runners Giving Day
When you Give, We Rise!

Thank you for supporting CSUB's fourth annual Giving Day on April 2 through 3, from noon to noon! 

This initiative brings our alumni, employees, parents and friends of the university together to make a difference in our students' lives and elevate our programs. 

CSUB is the only four-year public institution within nearly 100 miles. The majority of students who attend CSUB stay in the region after graduation, making a positive impact in our community.

Through your Giving Day donation, you have transformed the lives of students and elevated our community. Thank you, `Runners!


Ethnic Studies Challenge
Connie Perez-Andreesen and Joel Andreesen have generously committed $2,500 as a challenge gift! The 150th gift to any fund will unlock $2,500 for the Ethnic Studies Program on Giving Day!
150 / 150 Gifts
The CSUB Alumni Board Challenge
Thank you for making a thoughtful Gift to support CSUB! With your generosity, the CSUB Alumni Association Advisory Board has been unlocked which will support several key programs at CSUB.
54 / 54 Donors
Office of the President's Challenge
Once the 400th gift is received to support CSUB on Giving Day, Interim President Harper will unlock a $50,000 gift to support the Student Research Scholars Program
400 / 400 Gifts
BAS Ambassadors Challenge
Once 25 Business Administrative Services (BAS) staff members donate a minimum of $5 a piece to any fund, a collective gift of $500 in support of the Housing and Food Security Fund will be unlocked. This contribution is personally sponsored by Faculty and Staff Initiative BAS Ambassadors: Jassica Gauna, Natasha Hayes, Pierre Igoa, and Michelle Ponci.
25 / 25 Donors
Battle of the Schools Challenge
Thank you for your generosity in supporting an academic school of your choice. Your gift will support our students in a meaningful way!
Rank Prize Schools Donors
1 $1,750 Arts and Humanities 54
2 Natural Sciences, Mathematics and Engineering 50
3 Business and Public Administration 27
4 Social Sciences and Education 22
Battle of the Industry Challenge
The industry leader group with the most participants will have an opportunity to meet with a campus leader who is affiliated with their industry and learn about the impact CSUB is having in producing top students to recruit.
What industry do you work in?
Rank Answer Donors
1 Education 272
2 Healthcare 79
3 Computers and Technology 39
4 Construction 38
5 Finance and Economics 29
6 Agriculture 16
7 Transportation 13
8 Energy 12
9 Entertainment 11
10 Food and Beverage 11
11 Manufacturing 11
12 Fashion (Retail) 10
13 Hospitality 9
14 Aerospace 7
15 Pharmaceutical 6
The `Runner Loyalty Challenge
Thank you for your generous gift to support our students!
50 / 50 Donors
Callahan CARE Challenge
Ten students or parents who donate a minimum of $5 a piece to any fund will unlock a generous $1,000 gift from EJ Callahan, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs & Student-centered Enterprises, and Emily Poole Callahan, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Students to support our Caring Advocates and Responsive Engagement Team Fund. You must self-identify as a current student or parent.
10 / 10 Donors
The President's Associates Challenge
Professor Dahna Stowe, faculty member and double alumna of CSUB, will be donating $10,000 to the Student Research Scholars Program as a member of the President's Associates on Giving Day. Once the 200th gift is made to any fund, Professor Stowe will double her donation to $20,000!
200 / 200 Gifts
Rowdy Through the Eras
Congratulations to the winning alumni decade! You will be recognized at the next Alumni Hall of Fame event in 2025, and the next Party in the Park event.
What decade did you graduate?
Rank Answer Donors
1 2010-2019 19
2 2020-Present 9
3 2000-2009 7
4 1990-1999 6
5 1970-1979 1
6 1980-1989 1
Rowdy Challenge
CSUB's 16 Athletics teams will compete to gain the most donors within the 24-hour Giving Day period. The Athletics team with the most participation will unlock a generous gift of $2,500 from Connie Perez-Andreesen and Joel Andreesen for their respective team.
Rank Prize Athletics Teams % +/- Goal
1 $2,500 Women's Golf +31.25% 105
goal: 80
2 Indoor Volleyball -6.43% 131
goal: 140
3 Wrestling -47.04% 143
goal: 270
4 Women's Soccer -72.27% 61
goal: 220
5 Swim and Dive -77.80% 91
goal: 410
Rank State Gifts
1 CA 723
2 AZ 39
3 MI 29
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